This page outlines a few of my previous projects. If my skills are what you're looking for, please hire me.

Public Projects

These projects are accessible publicly and do not require special authorization to use.

Galaxy Info

The ultimate solution to all information about Galaxy. Platform for gathering, organizing, and displaying various data

Christmas Community

Christmas Community is a wishlist management platform for families. While building this, I learned about web applications, their security, and balancing client-side performance with network performance.


backup-missing-alerts is my automated backup monitoring and alerting system that lets me know when my backups start failing. This protects me from losing data by misconfigured or broken backup automation.


RobloxHandleCloser lets you open multiple instances of Roblox at once by closing the handle used by future instances to close the previous ones.


git-ls-remote is a microservice that returns whether or not a git repository with content exists at a given URI.

Client Websites

The websites that I created for some of my clients.

Church Alive

The website of Church Alive.

Abide Within B&B

The website of the Abide Within Bed & Breakfast

Private Projects

These projects are only available to a certain closed community or otherwise require special permission. 

Free Mac Servers

Platform for creating and running game servers for The Blockheads, even after the official cloud server shutdown