When I woke up today I decided to try an old keyboard I had lying around. I grabbed it, unwrapped the cable, plugged it in, and tried to use it. At first I thought Caps Lock was on because it was typing uppercase letters.

I pressed Caps Lock and it returned to normal, and I thought everything was fine, then I tried Alt+Tab and it went backwards. I needed a solution, so tried to use Windows + 1 to go to my first app in the task bar, in this case Firefox.

When I pressed Control + T, it opened a new window instead of a new tab. Then I was searching for STUCK SHIFT KEY WINDOWS 10 because I had turned off capslock at this point.

I tried to ask for help in Discord, but I was in a game channel so I needed to go to a different server. I kept clicking a different server but it wasn't switching. After a minute I gave up and tried to go to Firefox. I then realized that I had 10 instances of that server in a Firefox window.

After typing out a message on Discord in Firefox, I pressed enter, and it dropped to a new line instead of sending. I then realized something.

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Oh wait I forgot that part. Reboot. Windows advanced options because rebooting while holding shift opens advanced options. Shut down. Press power button to turn it on again.